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    Toplovo Industrial Co., LTD

    Jun. 30, 2017

    Toplovo Industrial Co., LTD is considered to be one of the leading companies in GPS tracking device R&D development,production and markting. Toplovo is proud of its mordenized factory and experienced engineers,as well as a professional team in export trade.

    Since the company founded in 2004, we have insisted on R&D and applied a series of design patterns.We specifically design tracking devices in order to provide customers around the world valuable peace of mind by efficiently monitoring and locating the physical position and status of their beloved one and mobile assets.For example: personal gps tracker,vehicle tracker,pet tracker. Currently,we are the premium supplier for GPS device operators,logistics enterprises,data collecting enterprises,pet products chain stores and many other fields. Our products enjoy popularity in the world,having been exported to more than 50 countries which includes Britian,France,Germany,America,Australia and so on. Our products features on high tracking accuracy,quality voice,outstanding look.Moreover,we can customize product according to customers’requirement.

    The market to use GPS opportunity is gradually tend to be mature and enters into high speed growing period.To seize this booming market oportunity,we are sincerely in hope of establishing business relationship with you.

    Toplovo is committed to be a top GPS tracker designer and supplier, by developing innovative products and providing a first class service, at highly competitive prices.

    Toplovo Industrial Co., Limited

    • +86 755 2879 9991    +86 755 2879 9333
    • +86 755 2879 9388
    • sales@toplovo.com
    • cherry-gps
    • 4F, Building No.B2b, Yingzhan Industrial Park, Kengzi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

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